Body Shaper Brief
Body Shaper Brief
Body Shaper Brief
Body Shaper Brief
Body Shaper Brief
Body Shaper Brief
Body Shaper Brief

Body Shaper Brief

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Hide your belly fat, trim your waist and make your thighs and hips look slimmer with body shaper brief.

Who says only women are figure conscious? Here is a good product for men who has problems with their body shape.

Want to hidden your cute belly and get a flat stomach

The BODY SHAPER BRIEF is an ultra-body slimming underwear that is PROFFESSIONALLY DESIGNED to FLATTEN your tummy, TRIM your waist and IMPROVE posture in an INSTANT! This MAGICAL brief helps you hide those belly fats and bulges in your waist area, makes your thighs and hips look slimmer and firmer. It also lifts butt making you look sexier.

It is made with OCTAGONAL MESH that applies GRADUATED COMPRESSION that IMPROVES blood and lymph circulation that compresses the belly and thigh fat. Its HIGH WAIST and HIGH ELASTIC FABRIC provides FIRM and STRONG shaping control. Its SMOOTH and SEAMLESS CUT gives you the COMFORT while wearing it. Its BREATHABLE and SWEAT FREE. It has NON-SLIP waistband. And it has a 3D POUCH for a convenient design. Its ANTI-BACTERIAL.

It is very COMFORTABLE that you can wear it underneath your jeans, sweat pants, formal pants without even feeling you’re wearing a BODY SHAPER BRIEF. It comes with two colors: BLACK and WHITE.

✅Slim & Tone
✅Fat Buster
  • High waist and high elastic fabric offer firm and strong shaping control 
  • For your waist, hip, thigh, leg, and hip.
  • Two Epoxy sides on waistband  Prevent slidedown

  • Sweat-free comfort
  • Anti-bacterial & Moisture wicking
  • Stretchable, smooth & seamless cut


  • 1pc X Body Shaper Brief