Dog Safe Car Window
Dog Safe Car Window
Dog Safe Car Window
Dog Safe Car Window
Dog Safe Car Window

Dog Safe Car Window

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House Pattern Pet Dog Travel Car Window Grill Vent Cover Security Telescopic Fence Ventilator Guard Cloth Pet Guardrail 

To ensure the safety of the dog and prevent the dog from running outside.
Sunshade, sunscreen,to prevent the air too much when opening the window.
Easy to carry outside.


  • Whenever my dog is in the car, he's whining for me to open the window so he can hang outside while we drive.
  • Every once in a while, he accidentally pushes the window button down so that the window rolls down and he could easily fall out if he slips.
  • This is a unique car window shade that has a hole for your dog to hang out.
  • Not only does the make it much more safe for your dog to hang out the window,
  • since it only gives them a small area to poke their heads out, but it also has funny graphics on the outside of the shade and more.
  • Car window sleeve keeps dog safe while hanging outside car window safe car window dog guard
  • Size:Top 85cm, bottom 90cm, height 50cm

It comes in several adorable styles to match both your and your dog’s personality! The hole is designed to secure your dog while letting them enjoy the great outdoors.