Double V-Shape Slimming Mask
Double V-Shape Slimming Mask
Double V-Shape Slimming Mask

Double V-Shape Slimming Mask

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Look extra pretty with a slimmer face without having to undergo a surgery or going through a strict diet or spending most of your days working out!
Have an EFFORTLESSLY SLIM FACE with the Double V-Shape Slimming Mask. It’s a mask that will help you look ten years younger by having a SLIMMER, SMOOTHER, and FIRMER face.

1. Lifting - a unique 3D building material to help lift your chin line against gravity, preventing a double chin

2. Pull - improves facial contours and reduces cheek size

3. Firming - using high elasticity memory woven fabric, effective in guiding the facial skin to create a V-shape, firming and thereby reducing fine lines 

4. Hang - hanging feature enhances facial pressure and doubles facial v-line

The V-Shape Doublechin Mask can lift and tighten, drive off the double chin, increase the skin elasticity, firm and moisturize the skin, create a perfect V-shape, and delay the aging of the neck and chin skin.

Product Effects
The Double V-Shape Slimming Mask can lift the skin and massage the facial muscles, relieve the double chin and flat face, the contours of the face are clearly visible, reduce excess water, relieve facial swelling,
firm facial skin and burn more fat.

Product Ingredients
Hyaluronic acid 

Hyaluronic acid
also known as hyaluronic acid and uronic acid, is a skin conditioning agent that naturally exists in corneal skin and absorbs 1000 times its own weight to maintain skin moisture, prevent water loss through the epidermis, and damage the skin. When the skin is repaired, the skin will not feel dry after use, and the water will be efficiently absorbed to make the skin soft and lustrous. It is the best water-soluble moisturizer at present.

UiKyo Yu

UIKYO YU is a widely used spice. The extract inhibits the activity of catalase, avoids skin allergies, promotes the production of collagen, prevents wrinkles, promotes luciferase activation, and has anti-inflammatory properties. It can also be used as an anti-dandruff agent.


With plant extracts, rich in moisture and nutrients to nourish the skin around the eye and prevent and improve aging, wrinkle and puffiness situation.

After the basic water and skin care,
remove the V-shape sticker and open the pearl film.
Apply the gel surface directly to the face,
pull the two ends of the ear to the ear and hang it, and adjust the position.

You're only 5 steps from creating a more beautiful face shape with this v-line face mask!

V-SHAPED MASK helps to shape the CHIN area while LIFTING and DEFINING the lower part of face by reducing facial fat, folds and wrinkles. Its MOISTURIZING effect helps REPAIR and STIMULATE cell regeneration making your skin feel more HYDRATED and REPLENISHED.
V-SHAPED MASK is made from 100% NATURAL ingredients and has been SCIENTIFICALLY proven to work with thousands of people WORL WIDE. It is suitable for people with SENSITIVE SKIN.
Easy to use just wear it everyday for 30 minutes and
see the difference in 2 weeks.

Package Included: 
Double V-Shape Slimming Mask x 1pc