Microfiber Cleaning Towel
Microfiber Cleaning Towel
Microfiber Cleaning Towel
Microfiber Cleaning Towel
Microfiber Cleaning Towel
Microfiber Cleaning Towel
Microfiber Cleaning Towel
Microfiber Cleaning Towel
Microfiber Cleaning Towel

Microfiber Cleaning Towel

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Ultra-thick, absorbent, and soft cleaning towel perfect for cars, home, and equipment.

Introducing the MICROFIBER CLEANING TOWEL. A towel that is ULTRA THICK, ABSORBENT and SOFT. It is ideal for cleaning cars, wax and sealant removal, polishing, cleaning home furniture and technical equipment like computers and its parts.

The MICROFIBER picks up DIRT, DUST, GRIME and LIQUID compared to COTTON towels that just pushes them away, scattering it through the surface.

MICROFIBER CLEANING TOWEL is made from 840GSM microfiber material that is 80% POLYESTER and 20% POLYAMIDE that makes it ABSORBENT and SOFT. It EASILY attract GREASE as the short fiber side job is to buff away polish and wax residue and perfect for cleaning windows. It positively absorbs grease, dust and dirt particles even without the use of other cleaning chemicals. The DOUBLE LAYER PLUSH can ABSORB up to 10 times their liquid weight so it DOESN’T LEAVE WATER or SMEARS behind. It is LINT-FREE, SPOT-FREE and SCRATCH-FREE makes the surface smooth and clean.

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Features & Benefits:

  • ULTRA THICK - The Super Absorbent Car Cleaning Towel is made from ultra thick 840GSM microfiber material( 80% polyester, 20% polyamide ), ultra absorbent and incredibly soft. It is ideal for every job from wax and sealant removal to polishing jobs.

  • LINT-FREE, SPOT-FREE, STREAK-FREE, SCRATCH-FREE - Don't do any worn and damage to the cleaning surface, paints, or clear 

  • DOUBLE LAYERS PLUSH - Different colors on both sides can absorb up to almost 10 times their weight in liquid. And It doesn't leave water or smears behind. No water dripped out at all!

  • EASILY ATTRACT GREASE- The short fiber side is great for buffing away polish and wax residue and for cleaning windows. It is positively charged and will attract grease, dirt particles and dust even without the use of chemicals.

Why do you need our Microfiber Towel?  

 This towel suited for:

  • Cleaning car dashboards,your car exterior and interior,and other heavy mechanical equipment like generators
  • Cleaning dust or water in the kitchen, home equipment ,and removing dirt stains
  • Use on your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, jeep, boat or anywhere you need.
  • And also , you can use them for disc golf,and it is comfortable for paintwork.


    • Weight: 75 g 
    • Size: 30 x 40 cm
    • Material: Microfiber


    • 1 x Ultra Thick Car Cleaning Towel